nylon 2.0

why, yes, we did get a makeover!

by nylon

Welcome to the new and improved (and, yeah, awesome) NYLONmag.com!

If things look a little different here, it's because we gave our site a total makeover. Think of it like that scene in


where Tai gets a little help from her friends--same girl, just bouncier curls and cooler wardrobe

Before you go back to reading about our favorite trends or the best new bands--because that isn't going anywhere--here's what you need to know:

1. All of our must-read stories are in one place. That's right, no more toggling between the site and the blog; whether it's a round-up of the new models to know or the latest Grimes music video, you get it all on our homepage. Bookmark it and check back, like, every 10 minutes for something new. We promise you won't be disappointed.

2. Speaking of models, we know you heart them as much as we do--so we've created an entire section all about our favorite faces. Click the "Models" tab to search through our database of girls--and read our exclusive, so-not-boring surveys with them (if no one else is going to ask Ashley Smith what her favorite pizza topping is, then we will).

3. Wish you could cut out your favorite stories and make a collage, use them as inspiration, or share with your friends? Now you can--with MyNYLON. We've built a space where you can save your top reads so they're kept all in one place. All you have to do? Create your own MyNYLON account, and then just hit "save" on any story to have it added instantly. Want to show off your amazing taste to your friends? There's even an option to share it on socials.

4. Just like all good makeover, it might take a little getting used to--and yes, we've got a bit of tweaking and fixing to do on our end (with special thanks to the team at

Maui New York

). So like a good friend, ignore the glitches and just tell us we look good, OK?

Got it? Good, now get back to reading!