A little more than five questions…

by Josh Madden

When one of our favorite bands (the Melvins) rolled through to slay Brooklyn with one of our favorite brands (Vans) at The House of Vans we couldn't pass up the opportunity to drop a dozen fan questions on them. The legendary Buzz Osborne was truly radical and obliged our every question and pretended not to notice a shaking microphone and we went a little "Between Two Ferns" for a minute.

The fellas just released their 19th studio album Tres Cabrones and it's every bit as heavy as we'd hoped. Check out the first track "Dr. Mule" HERE and get the whole record HERE. Thanks to The House of Vans for putting on awesome shows and thanks to the Melvins, Baroness and Honkey for shredding the most! Lastly, the Melvins are on tour NOW...go see them!!