NYLON TV: cookin’ with hannibal buress

“We all die one day, so if you wanna put ketchup on your eggs…do it!” - Hannibal Buress

by Josh Madden

We're not going to lie, we already know how to make eggs--but for real, man, watching funny man Hannibal Buress make eggs is a whole new experience. You may remember Roofeeoo's Call It What You Want mixtape from last summer featuring Buress and we've gotta say, this dude is so hilarious he could talk us through programming a VCR and have the room in stitches.

Aside from being an insanely funny comedian, he stars in Comedy Central's Broad City and is the voice for Crisco on the animated series Chozen. As if this isn't impressive enough, Buress has multiple movies in the works and just dropped his Live From Chicago special (which you can get HERE). If you haven't checked it out yet we recommend you do so...NOW! You can also check out a ton of hilarious clips on his website HERE, see him live HERE, and follow him on Twitter HERE.

Now...watch this entertaining cooking lesson!