nylon tv: valentine’s day with skaters

What is love…baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more

by Josh Madden

Anyone who knows us (or anyone at NYLON HQ for that matter) knows that the Skaters bros are our main bros for life! Whether they're taking over our instagram, DJing our parties, or just having dinner with us, these guys are always rad to kick it with. When their full length Manhattan drops on the 24th, we're going to be at the Bowery Ballroom, for their release show, from soundcheck to load out.

We legit love this band and that's why we spent Valentine's Day in their practice space watching porn...well, we tried. Get to know the guys a little, and then follow them on Twitter HERE. Then check out some more of their jams on Soundcloud HERE...we'll see you at the show, just don't try to talk to us while we're getting wavy!