photo by suzanne darcy


nylonshop is now on depop

and you should be too.

by bianca iarrobino

We don't know about you, but we're tired of fighting with apparel resale store associates. (Especially when it comes to the true value of our old designer jeans. I mean, come on, they were like, $200 at retail!) Sure, there are always online auction sites, but you need a lot of patience to upload photos and fill in all the size and weight information. We'd rather spend our time watching all the amazing shows and movies on Netflix this month.

From now on, our NYLON closet cleanouts are making their way to Depop. For those who aren't already dedicated users, Depop is a mobile app that makes buying and selling stupidly easy—think Instagram for getting rid of your stuff. It girls from Aimee Song to Chiara Ferragni and cult illustrators like Kyle Platts are frequent sellers. Our new shop will feature covetable swag including rare back issues (for some vintage NYLON inspo), samples from magazine photoshoots, concert tickets, and exclusive access to our editor’s closets—yeah, we said it.

Head on over and check it out NYLON's Depop shop here.