what to wear when it’s really, really hot outside

    no chill

    by marcy huang · July 24, 2015

    Photo by Tanner Abel

    It’s hot out. We’re talking 90 degrees, no shade, melted asphalt hot. But whether you’re conveniently standing outside of stores with heavy air conditioning or coating your lashes with waterproof mascara hoping to prevent your makeup from melting, when you’re sticky, sweaty, and disgusting, the last thing you want to be is weighed down by your outfit.

    Beat the heat with clothing that cools you off and shows some skin. You’ll want to pick garments that are thin, breathable, and won’t show any sweat stains. And while dresses and skirts are nice and breezy, crop tops are your real best friend. Finish the look with strappy sandals, and call it a day.

    Flip through the gallery to check out some of our favorite hot-weather outfits, and shop all the looks here at NYLONshop. Oh, and grab some sunscreen, too, because the last thing you want to be is sweaty and sunburned.

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