bags that break the space-time continuum

    seriously, that’s how it looks

    by · July 30, 2015

    Photo via JumpFromPaper

    Wait a second. Take a deep breath and count to 10. Your eyes are not deceiving you—that’s really what those bags look like.

    JumpFromPaper is a Taiwanese brand that takes 2D to 3D, and back to 2D again. The bags are bold and imaginative, to say the least, and are sure to make everyone around you do a quadruple-take. The brand walks the line perfectly between fun and funny, and the accessories are sure to add some much-needed excitement to your wardrobe.

    Now, there’s no need to head to the eye doctor—just flip through the gallery to check out some more of Jump from Paper, and shop all the bags here at NYLONshop.

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