The Pretty Reckless Oasis

the pretty reckless covers oasis…and nails it.

by liza darwin

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless prove the haters wrong--yes, again--with this gorgeous cover of Oasis' hit "Champagne Supernova." Watch it below, and prepare to be blown away. It's a far more mellow side of the Momsen we already know and love, but we're not mad about it.  (OceanUp)

Rag & Bone is shunning the idea of a typical runway show in favor of something cooler. The brand has recruited British portrait photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath to shoot customers and celebrities alike on film. The one common link? They're all decked out in Rag & Bone, duh. (WWD

Courtney Love's fashion line is still in the works, you guys. Get schooled on her new project--plus her self-proclaimed "cheese addiction"--here. (

Iggy Azalea proves she's the most popular girl in the music business right now with her new single "Mediocre" alongside T.I. Listen here! (

Orange Is The New Black's costume designer Jenn Rogien (who also works on Girls) says that dressing the characters in Litchfield Prison boils down to several key things: “Is this character a rule breaker? Not just that one big rule that landed them in prison, but are they just generally trying to push back against authority? If so, what are the small ways that we can reflect that in their uniform? Are they rolling their pant cuffs when they’re not supposed to? Are they rolling their uniform at the waist when they’re not supposed to? Are they rolling their uniform sleeves up when they’re not supposed to? Do they essentially live in their hoodie at all times even though, yes, the hoodie is a commissary item, but really, they’re only supposed to wear it after prison work shift hours?" See her tricks for costuming Piper and the rest of the crew. (EW)

Not that anyone had any doubts that Robert Pattinson was ready to move on after Twilight, but his new movie The Rover really seals the deal. See what the actor has to say about the gritty appeal of the flick, the challenges of perfecting a Southern accent, and the best part of wearing one outfit the entire film in this interview. (Buzzfeed)