This Video Nails Everything That’s Wrong With Women In Ads

not. okay.

Yes, we all know that commercials for wholly banal products like cars, cologne, and even deodorant objectify the living heck out of women. For the most part though, we all sort of nod, roll our eyes, and just accept that ugly fact. Once in a while, though, something jolts us enough to get righteously indignant about the whole mess. The video above is one of those things.

Created by New York City advertising firm Badger & Winters, the video titled “We Are #WomenNotObjects” is both an indictment of the trend and a pitch to potential advertisers. Clearly, Badger & Winters want your business—they also want you to know what’s wrong with the industry as well. The company does a good job of both.

Adweek notes that Badger & Winters CEO Madonna Badger helped create Calvin Klein’s spate of objectifying ads in the ‘80s and ‘90s, which is either proof of how far the industry has come in its self-awareness of its own failings or just plain, old ironic. Either way, what her company has produced now is both horrifying and darkly funny. “I love giving blow jobs to sandwiches,” says one woman displaying a highly suggestive food ad. Indeed.

Even though studies continually suggest that sex in advertising does not—despite common wisdom—sell, the trend has continued. Hopefully, other firms will take a look and follow suit.