books, booze, and world travel of course.

by ray siegel

We hung out with Charlotte Ronson at a party she hosted with Solange Knowles in honor of our new favorite party drink: Absolut Tune. (It's champagne and vodka, which sounds like it should come with a warning label, but it's really yummy!) It was only weeks ago that we were backstage with Ronson at her Spring '13 show, but we missed her enough to have a second pow wow about her current obsessions. We love her beachy waves (you know she bottles her own formula for that, right?), her spring collection, and her sister Sam. Here's everything the designer herself is into—from book clubs to booze.


Vodka and champagne is the perfect combination. I always like vodka drinks—normally vodka and soda—so you there's a little carbonation. The theme of the drink is sparkle and spirit. Solange is the spirit. I didn't get to choose, but I was very happy to be the sparkle. It makes sense, but I think it could go either way. Solange is very sparkly, but filled with spirit as well.


It's a book about a girl that goes missing. A friend of ours started a book club and I've always wanted to be part of one. It's nice to read a book that all of your friends are reading at the same time, so that way everyone can share their opinion. But I don't necessarily have time – I'm not always here for that second Tuesday of every month. So now I'm reading the book on my own. I like to read when I travel or before I go to sleep.                                  


My sister, Samantha, has an album she put out on iTunes, so I listen on repeat. It's called Chasing the Reds. I've also been listening to Fiona Apple and Jay-Z.


I love traveling. I was just in Miami, but I love London most, aside from New York. There's so much energy over there and people have such gritty style. I was born there and I have a lot of my family there. My older brother just moved back there. Wherever your family is feels like home.


My mother makes these ID bracelets and I wear one everyday. She makes a bunch of different ones but I like the plain and classic bracelets best. They have a little rock'n'roll edge to them.


It's an all-vintage store in Miami that's separated by different areas. It was really inspiring. I have spent the whole day there, but I did get some cool, little lacy tops, a black dress, a white lace dress that I might turn into the top.


It's a movie about New Orleans, and these people who live in the bayou, so it's basically going underwater. But they're just so prideful of where they live that they don't want to leave. You get to know the daughter and her father and it's very emotional and sweet. I love movies with cute children in them or movies that move you to tears.


It's the perfect little size and it's tongue in cheek. This one is cork, but it comes in different fabrications. You can get it in striped suede and solids for spring, but

it's just unique and cute.


My inspiration behind my collection for spring started off as being water—everything being translucent and having a lightness to it, but also the strength and power of the ocean. So it's a mixture of the calm and the strength. A lot of the fabrics were ocean print mixed with clear vinyl. We did a lot of varsity shapes to show the translucence and sheerness of the fabrics and again, to reference water. We're not selling the jackets, because it's a difficult material to wear, but it could be fun to wear it out at night.


Can you ever leave home without concealer? [Editor's note: Nope.] I'm up late and I don't sleep so well, so I need that perfect fix. It looks like your you're not wearing any makeup.

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