the coolest photo of kate moss we’ve ever seen, plus other things the actress loves.

by sarah wasilak

"You just made me look of the day!" We've just met Emma Roberts and before we can get in a word edgewise she mentions her recent NYLON Best Dressed crowning--and, by extension, her fashion acumen. It goes beyond just her ability to put together a head-turning ensemble; she's just inspired a pair of Nanette Lepore cat-eye sunglasses, and was named Fashion Advisor for the social shopping app Snapette. How does she stay on top of it all? "I'll just buy every fashion magazine from every country and I sit and I read them. It's very sick, but I love it. I love fashion--it's my favorite thing," gushes the actress. That's not all she loves: Whether it be unwinding with a good book or paying tribute to the '90s with a Kate Moss Google search, her obsessions are totally refreshing.

'90S-INSPIRED SHADES The Nanette Lepore sunglasses [named after me] are really cool! I was so worried but then I saw them and I was in love and I tried to steal the prototype. They told me I had to wait and I was like, "What are you talking about?! I want these!" They said, "Emma, there's only one pair, you have to wait until we make them." Nanette designed them, but I was the inspiration--so I got to look cute while she did all the work. I never see white sunglasses, and I think there's something so '90s Kate Moss about them. There's a picture of her at the airport with Johnny Depp in white, cat-eye glasses. It's my favorite photo of all time. Google it! [Editor's note: We did, they're amazing, and you can see them here.]

BAGS I'm wearing my new favorite clutch line, Clare Vivier. She makes all of these colorful bags. I can never fit anything in my clutch--my iPhone won't even go into my clutches half the time, so this is perfect. I'm also obsessed with Jerome Dreyfuss bags right now. Love! I have a little leopard one that goes with everything. THE CHOCOLATE MONEY BY ASHLEY NORTON I'm obsessed with Joan Didion, the author. I just read her book, Blue Nights, and it's beautiful. But my new favorite book is The Chocolate Money by Ashley Prentice Norton. I read it in two days. It's one of the most incredible books I've ever read. Now I'm just in a slump, and it's so depressing because every book I read isn't as good. I'm really upset.

FALL TV Oh my god, I have become the biggest TV junkie. I never watched TV. Now I'm home at 6 p.m. to watch everything I recorded on my DVR--Revenge, Nashville, XFactor, The Voice, , Glee, American Horror Story. It's sick how much TV I watch. It's really horrible.

LOS ANGELES I just finished filming We're The Millers in North Carolina and I was really sad to be away from home. I don't like shooting outside of L.A. I think, Can't they give tax breaks in L.A. so we can shoot movies there? I love L.A. I do love New York and New Orleans, and I love London, but I'm just so sick of planes!

JENNIFER ANISTON I got to work with Jennifer Aniston [on We're The Millers], who's one of my career and fashion icons, so for me it was like a dream job.

SNAPETTE It's like the Instagram for fashion. You have to check it out!