will someone please get the pop star un cortado?!

    by · June 19, 2013
    After 25 years as a musician, actress, and fashion darling, Kylie Minogue is ready to take some time to reflect on her iconic career. Minogue was in New York this week promoting the launch of her book Kylie Fashion, which was released in the U.K. last year. The tome looks back on the Aussie pop star’s long career with exclusive photos highlighting her greatest moments in fashion. “I should probably have done the audio book version of it. I probably would have given away too many secrets because I have a story for every page of what happened,” said Minogue. But she shows no sign of stopping after this brief pause for nostalgia; she just released a new song called “Skirt,” and from the sound of it she has no plans to leave the dance floor anytime soon.
    In case the loyalty of her fans wasn’t clear enough, the line of people wrapped around the shoe department of Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store, waiting for Minogue to sign their copy of Kylie Fashion, was the perfect visual to prove the point. Luckily, NYLON skipped the line and was able to sit down with Minogue to talk favorites--and of course compare our matching sparkle-tipped nails (yes, dreams do come true). We’re obsessed with the fact that she put all of her great moments into this stylish scrapbook for us to gawk over forever, so we asked Minogue to share some of her current obsessions. Here’s what she’s into right now: TEGAN AND SARA
    ”Closer” is an incredible song. It’s produced by Greg Kurstin, who I’ve worked with. I love, adore, and admire him. I loved the song before I knew it was Greg Krustin, but then I heard it was him and I was like, OK.LEMON WATER AND GREAT COFFEEGood to have first thing in the morning. So one has to balance. I’m an absolute coffee snob--a lot of Melbournites are. And you know how you have a macchiato, which is espresso with a little foam? The Spanish have a coffee called un cortado, but there’s no name for that anywhere else. So I am that person who will run up and say, “Hi. Could I have, um, could you? Well, OK, just give me double shots with foam on the side.” I know what I want, I know it exists in some other country.EYEBROW LIQUID PEN BY SUQQU
    It’s quite marvelous. It’s water resistant. I don’t ever deal with them or anything, I just like the product!MELBOURNE’S ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS
    It’s beautiful. If I’m in Melbourne I try to take a walk through there. [It’s] serene, peaceful, you can think. I really know I’m in Melbourne as well because it’s in the center of Melbourne, it’s beautiful.HER COMPUTERIt’s my life. HER LYNN BAN AND JENNIFER FISHER RINGS
    These are a bit of an obsession at the moment, these guys.COYOIt’s a coconut yogurt. It’s an Australian product, which they do have in England. I’m kind of obsessed with low GI things. If you’re going to have chocolate, have dark chocolate. I’m actually obsessed with dark chocolate too. Pick up your copy of Kylie Fashion here!
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