gold ice cream, mindy kaling, and sending plants to coco rocha.

by ali hoffman

Zac Posen's collaborated with everyone from Target to Lord & Taylor to a recent collection of sunglasses with Illesteva. And for his latest venture, the designer's ditching the fashion and going for the food--well, sort of.

Teaming up with MAGNUM for the release of their new Gold ice cream bar, Posen designed a dress made entirely of 24-karat gold. But before you become totally obsessed with the new ice cream, here's what the designer's currently obsessed with:

MAGNUM GOLD ICE CREAM Being a major foodie, I had to taste it and experience it, and take inspiration from that. And the first thing that you experience is sort of the crunch of the milk chocolate and then the sensuality and the creaminess of the vanilla [ice-cream] inside. So I got inspired by the sensuality of gold and liquid qualities of it, and sort of the idea of a person's pleasure in eating ice-cream, and the joy of it and of glamour when you get a gold ice cream bar that arrives at your door.

JOANNA NEWSOM Right now I'm listening in my studio to a lot of Joanna Newsom. That's been playing in my studio a lot.

BUYING PLANTS FOR COCO ROCHA Well it's Spring, so I have to start thinking of my bulbs and my summer gardening. I have to start ordering Dahlia bulbs for my friends! I have a weird obsession with buying plants and flowers for Coco Rocha. She lives in the country now, so I live vicariously through her garden since I live in New York City. I try to find what kind of soil she has, what kind of light she gets! I just couldn't imagine Coco and James [Conran] living in a house in the country without lots of magical flowers. It grows over the years and I think there's nothing more wonderful than giving someone a piece of nature.

MET BALL I'm obsessed with my date and the gown I designed for her-- I can't say who it is! You'll have to see!

MY DESIGNS I am continuously pushing myself. I'm always obsessed with the new construction techniques that I'm putting into my collection, and the new shapes that we've formed, and the new fabric development.

MAD MEN I'm waiting for episode three right now. I love the whole issue of capturing the transitional era--what stays in the '50s, what's more '60s. My mother got an award about a week ago--a lifetime achievement award for her work as a lawyer--and it was really funny because she said it was really painful for her, she can't watch Mad Men because it's referential of her experience of being a woman in the work place at that time. For me, it feels so many worlds apart and then so similar even to today at the same time. It's really sort of an amazing window into the time, the style, and the workplace of the time.

THE MINDY PROJECT My Mindy! I love my Mindy. I love it! She's amazing!