obsessed: zoe kravitz

sparkly necklaces and stealing her dad’s boas are a few of this it girl’s fave things.

by ray siegel

2013 is shaping up to be a busy year for Zoe Kravitz: In addition to the films The Boy Who Smells Like Fish and After Earth, in which she's got major roles, she just signed on to play Christina in the book-to-movie Divergent. But no project is quite as sparkly as her latest, joining Swarovski Crystallized as a guest designer. "They approached me, and I was shocked that they would want me to design anything," admits the actress-musician with a laugh. But we totally get it: Her effortlessly cool style is regular inspiration board material. The nine-piece collection captures, according to Kravitz, "vibrant, earthy qualities," and features lots of turquoise (which is her birthstone). "I was surprised by how open they were. Sometimes when you do a collaboration they just want to put your name on it, but they were really open to what I wanted to do and just really wanted to capture my energy and vibe." The collection hits stores today--check it out here--but before you start obsessing over it all (we certainly are), here's what the It Girl is obsessed with:

NOT TAKING FASHION TOO SERIOUSLY My style is always changing, so it's hard to nail down because it's really inspired by what I'm listening to or reading or watching. I'm always trying to embody the things that are inspiring to me, but I think it's always important to be very comfortable. I like expressive [clothing]; if you take fashion too seriously you're going to lose the fun of it. I think you should always just be taking risks! You just take it off [if it doesn't look good].

KENDRICK LAMAR I've been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar. It's so good, right? Please don't kill my vibe! [Laughs].

THE SANTA MONICA FLEA MARKET I used to go to the flea market on 26th Sreet [in New York City] and I feel like it's gotten not as good anymore. In L.A. the Santa Monica flea market is really, really good. And then there's the Rose Bowl if you're ready for it, if you can go really early in the morning--like, five in the morning. SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN Rodriguez, he's amazing. I've been listening to him, and the documentary [about him] is amazing!

THE ZOE KRAVITZ FOR SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED NECKLACES [The Sierra Short Necklace] is my favorite, for sure. I think it's really special; it looks like something you could find in a flea market, a real one-of-a-kind piece. The long one is also really beautiful. It's like a charm necklace, you can put it with anything, you can put on an awesome pair of pearls or a gold necklace with it. MAKING MUSIC I love to sing and I love to write music, but I just haven't really had the time to focus on it the way I'd like to. When i was younger I did it with a group of friends of mine and it was just a fun thing to do. I wasn't working and had time to do that, and right now I don't. We'll see, I would love to make music; it makes me really happy. '70S STYLE CLOTHING I've been wearing bellbottoms and I'm super stoked about it. Is it back? Is it a thing? Because I love them. I'm stoked about jumpsuits--the ones with shorts, too, for summer. This jumpsuit is from Reformation, I love those girls.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER I was watching Sex and the City the other night and I was like, "She dresses so weird and I love it!" I just like that it was all bananas, it was all wrong and it was perfect. i really appreciated that. I'll send [my Swarvoski collection] to Sarah Jessica Parker!

COLLAGING It's how I've always journaled. I'm not really an artist in that way, so I've found that it's a way to express myself. When you don't really know what you want to say, you make something and you find that it just comes out.

TRADING CLOTHING WITH LENNY KRAVITZ AND LISA BONET, HER PARENTS [My dad] wears mine! He'll wear my T-shirts because I wear big shirts. It'll be super tight on him and I'm like, "Okaaay dad." I have a bunch of my dad's old boas, there're really beautiful. And my mom gave me bunch of her clothes that are falling apart.

DAYLE BREAULT I try and use really natural things because my skin's really sensitive, and my facialist makes really amazing products herself, they're awesome. Her name's Dayle Breast--she goes by the Goddess of Skin. She saved my skin, and she has this amazing line of products that I really believe in because she makes them herself and they're all-natural. And just really yummy; like, things you want to eat.