Even In Paris, “Nothing Makes Sense” For Odina In Her New Video

Watch the romantic visual here

If ever you were to go a bit mad (and, let's face it, we all need a little madness in our lives), Paris would be the city in which you'd want to just lose it. Rich history and romanticism are what give the City of Light its shimmer, making it an idyll for lost souls looking to make sense of themselves.

For Spanish artist Odina, Paris is as much home as it is an escape. Having worked on her debut EP, Broken, in London, Odina packed up and set up camp in France's capital city. There, she began work on the forthcoming Nothing Makes Sense EP. Tender and a bit melancholy, the EP's title track and corresponding video marry whimsy daydreaming with aimless exploring. Odina herself says of the self-directed video that it's intentionally random. "My lyrics are melancholic; however, they are exaggerated to the point of having a certain hidden sense of irony," she says. "The idealist and absurdist aesthetic of the video echo this irony."

Get bit by the wanderlust bug, below.