Of Monsters And Men See Double In New Music Video


Nowadays, the lyric video is as important as the official one. It’s a chance to truly familiarize yourself with a track so that, if you’re lucky enough to see a band live, you don’t stumble over the words when you’re singing along. Thankfully, Of Monsters and Men have created one that’s pretty unforgettable.

The lyric video for its track “Wolves Without Teeth,” premiering here, finds Icelandic twins Erna and Hrefna lip-syncing. (You might recognize them from Ariko Inaoka’s haunting photography project.) It’s a surreal thing to watch, thinking you’re seeing a mirrored image when you’re not. There’s just the right amount of disconnect in their motions to remind you that you’re watching twins. It makes an already-stellar song that much more compelling. Check it out below.

“Wolves Without Teeth” is from Of Monsters and Men’s album Beneath The Skin, out now.