All Of The Things To Avoid Dressing Up As This Halloween

A friendly reminder!

In 2016, we wrote a story about how not to be an asshole during Halloween. Last year, we outlined the specific costumes, people, and situations you should avoid dressing up as. This year, we’re doing it again because if there’s one thing some people are good at, it’s offending tons of other people for their own selfish entertainment purposes.

We’ve included some instances from last year that still apply, but have added a host of other terrible ideas—many of which can be found on Yandy.

And so, ahead, we present a reminder and an updated list of the people, things, and happenings to avoid this holiday. We’ll likely have to add to it as the 31st approaches, since, along with being the scariest time of the year, it’s also the most disappointing. 

Here's what NOT to wear: 

This influencer costume (it won't gain you new followers and also you likely have all of these items already in your closet)

Anything that involves people overdosing

Stormy Daniels

Any references to suicide

This snake charmer costume

A Black Panther costume that involves tribal makeup if you’re not black

Sexual harassment (people have done it!)

A black, white, or any other color hooded KKKlansman

Bill Cosby or any other celebrity convicted or accused of sexual misconduct

Climate change (it’s scary enough)

Atlanta’s Teddy Perkins (again, the character is scary enough)

This Oscar Pistorius costume

Fashion Nova’s new geisha costume

This lazy Holy Guacamole costume (guacamole is made up of more than avocados BTW)

A shooting victim

Traumatic events in general

Any of the problematic SoundCloud rappers

Roseanne Barr

Beyoncé with bite marks on her face

Anything involving a fat suit (lest you get any ideas from Insatiable)

Anything that makes light of social justice

Anything that makes light of feminism

Anything you’re having second thoughts about because you think it might offend someone. Just leave it at home.