The First Full-Length Trailer For ‘Jackie’ Is Finally, Officially Here

It was worth the wait

After months of teasing via short trailers and rave reviews, Fox Searchlight has finally released the official trailer for Jackie.

Already hailed as one of Natalie Portman’s best performances, the film shows Jacqueline Kennedy (played by Portman) during the days following her husband’s assassination. While the teaser has Portman stating very few lines, her own and Jackie’s voice are center stage in the trailer.

We witness her insisting to march alongside her husband during his funeral. We also get a glimpse into the LIFE interview with Theodore H. White, which the film is based off of. Most poignantly, it gives us a front row seat to the psychological turmoil she struggled with.

“I’m not the First Lady anymore” Portman whispers. “I lost Jack somewhere.”

And the Oscar goes to… Well, find out for yourself come December 2, when the movie opens in theaters. Watch the full trailer above.