old fashioned shave cream by triumph & disaster

Because grooming is something we should be proud of…

by Christian Lavery

At the age of 13, Dion Nash was given a poem by his father. And although Nash didn’t see that poem again until years later, it ended up helping to birth a brand. A range of grooming products that not only takes its name from a line in the poem, but products that serve as a reminder to us men that the ritual of grooming is something that we should be proud of. So with this main value at Triumph & Disaster’s foundation, the brand uses the best of science and the best of nature to produce everything from soaps to moisturizers to shaving creams. Most notably, the old-fashioned shave cream. Good for up to 90 shaves in every tube, the cream delivers a mixture of aromas, including old school medicinal notes, citrus tones, and a touch of that classic Turkish barbershop smell. Work a small drop into your hand or lather up a shave brush and apply it to your skin as the cream softens and prepares every last whisker for a smooth, clean shave. Buy yours HERE, and with each use, you’ll find yourself feeling more and more nostalgic.