gap goes vintage for their olympic tribute.

by faran krentcil

Way back in preschool, you may have used your dad's 1988 Olympics t-shirt as a nightgown. We did, anyway. They were huge and soft, and had faded blue and red stars across the front, along with the standard Olympic logo of five interlocking rings. That old t-shirt has probably disintegrated by now, but the designers at The Gap must still remember them. Their Olympic tee range brings back the faded feel, the low-res star print, and - most exciting - the same washed-a-million-times softness as the original '80s version. The shirts hit stores today, and range from $25 - $30 each. And although they've got separate women's and men's designs, if you just go a size down in the boys' department (and maybe skim the hem and neckline with scissors, if you really want), you can easily choose any of the tops to be your winning summer look.

Gap Olympic Tees, on sale today.