Oli Sykes - My Top 10 Movies

Bring Me Your Favorite Movies…

by Josh Madden

It was just about this time of year back in 2006 when a friend played us Bring Me The Horizon's "Pray for Plagues" for the first time on a car ride through New Jersey. From right around the one-minute mark as the song hits its first breakdown, we were hooked. When we found out the band's frontman Oliver "Oli" Sykes was a mere 19 years old and growling like a metal veteran, not only were we intrigued, but we had to see them live. And that's exactly what happened. Long story short not only did we see the guys live but we saw the guys live and we've watched as they spent the last half-dozen years touring constantly, amassing a gigantic fan base, and carving their name in the books of not just metal but proper rock 'n roll history.

The enigmatic leader of BMTH is not only known for his voice but his style as well, heading up the successful clothing line Drop Dead (founded in 2005) and his outspoken approach when it comes to causes concerning the world at large and his generation. The band spent all summer headlining the famous Vans WARPed tour and just released their 4th studio album Sempiternal with Epitaph Records. When we spoke to Sykes he hinted at some big 2014 tour news in support of the new record, and anyone who knows about life on the road knows, traveling includes lots of movie watching time. We asked if he could hit us with a list of his favorite movies--and he not only did he list them, but we got an explanation for each one. Check out the Top 10 below swell as a couple of BMTH's newer videos. Give Sempiternal a listen HERE, and. Follow Sykes on Twitter HERE and the BMTH Twitter feed HERE.*editors note - "Chelsea Smile" shreds so hard.

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon's 10 Favorite Movies

Jurassic Park- If aliens came down to visit us and only had time to watch one movie on their visit- it would have to be Jurassic park. It's the best movie ever. It's my childhood favourite but even today the animatronics and cgi have hardly dated one bit, the premise for the film had so much thought put it into to make it as believable as possible, they don't make em like this anymore.

Requiem For A dream- I don't know why they dont show this film to kids in school to show them the very realistic dangers of drug abuse, because it really hits hard. So much about this film shouldn't work but it does, its like watching a car crash in slow motion, but it never lets up. by the end you want to turn away but you just cant. proper good.

Starship Troopers- Im not a big fan of space movies, star wars/trek just doesn't appeal to me, so i don't know why this film does. most people think this films dog shit- but i love how purposely cheesy and tongue in cheek it is. its got that awesome over the top 18 rated violence you just dont get in movies anymore, and the cgi still looks tight. avoid the sequels at all costs though.

Ace Ventura 2: the funniest movie ever made. Absolutely plotless, i swear they just told jim carrey to do whatever the fuck he wants- cuz theres no way anyone wrote into the script for him to do a drum solo on some mushrooms growing off a tree. so fucking funny.

The Beach: Danny Boyle is one of my favourite directors, and i reckon the beach is one of the best. I wanna live on the beach, looks quite nice doesn't it?

Martyrs: Not for the faint hearted. It's gotta be the best in my opinion of all the french extreme horror films that seemed to crop up. The violence is justified with a great idea and story- but its gruelling, honestly, not exactly a cheery watch.

Troll 2: It actually had a documentary about it called "best worst movie" and they weren't kidding. it was written by like some Ukrainian dude or something, i can't remember, but he insisted the cast all spoke the script word for word, even though it was all in broken english. its about vegetarian goblins, that inhabit a town called NILBOG (its goblin spelt backwards!) theres not even any trolls in it, infact troll 1 is nothing to do with troll 2, they just called it troll 2 in the hopes that people would watch it thinking it was a sequel to someone else's film entirely. brilliant.

Predator: I love arnie. he's one of those actors where i just gotta watch all his films, even when i know there gonna be bad. Predator has gotta be his finest, or total recall, i dont know. but this ones good.

Metallica: Some kind of monster: funnier than any mocumentry, and its real. hats off to Metallica for actually putting this out, because its so raw, embarrassing, and gut wrenchingly cringy its unreal. Our band watch it regularly if were ever feeling a bit down, to remind us, it could be so much worse.

E.T.: you have to have a heart of stone if you dont like E.T, its just great isn't it. and the word penis breath is used in it. pretty good.