a new brand of shades that’s truly vision-ary.

by liza darwin

Here's the thing about buying sunglasses: 99% of the time, you need your friends there with you to tell you whether or not you look cool or lame. But instead of dragging your friends around the city with you in search of new styles, new eyewear brand Classic Specs is changing the way we buy glasses with their innovative system of shades.

Company creators Richard Ruiz and Andrew Lipovsky, wanted to build a boutique business that sold stylish (and still affordable!) glasses that were a happy medium between the cheap-o street frames and the uber-pricey designer brands. By cutting out the middle man, producing the styles in-house, and employing an optical lab themselves, each of the dozens of sunglasses or eyeglass frames is only $89 each- including a prescription.

Although the company is based in Brooklyn, you don't have to be a New York local to buy them. Just select six different frames and they'll ship them to you for free so you can try them on at home- and get a second opinion. Or if that's too much of a hassle, you can also test-drive them virtually online.

With cute vintage-inspired designs and various lens colors, Classic Specs is the best new way to find your perfect pair- and you don't need 20/20 vision to see that.

$89 each at Classic Specs.