the best personalized magazines to follow on flipboard.

by ali hoffman

Since the launch of the new Flipboard, which boasts a new feature that allows users to create their on magazines and curate the content within, the company's gained more than three million new users.

In other words, if you haven't paid attention to it yet, it's about time you start. Plus, as we told you a week ago, we now have our own featured page, where you can check out all of our content the minute we post it.

But aside from subscribing to our page (big DUH), we figured we'd get you started with the new and improved Flipboard by letting you in on a few subscriber-generated magazines we can't seem to get enough of. You can thank us (and Flipboard) later. To follow any of the below magazines, simply download the app (it's free!), type the title in the search bar, and touch the bookmarklet to follow.

- The Cute: A baby desert fox is on the cover--need we say more?

- Nails:, by Brittany Leigh Hutchinson: She test drives brand new polishes and her nail art skills are top notch. Dibs on that leopard-print mani she did (that is, if our polish painting capabilities don't fail us along the way)

- The Holy Grill: An entire magazine dedicated to grilled cheese, including recipes, reviews, many varieties of the dangerous, truffle grilled cheese.

- Mad Men News:Exactly what it sounds like, featuring everything from case studies Trudie's outbursts, Betty Draper's fashion, news of the cast, and pretty much anything else you could think of.

Download the new app here, and keep us posted (in the comments section below) about any amazing zines you stumble upon OR create yourself!