on the tube

a dandelion wish comes true… as a lipgloss!

by jazzi mcgilbert

We can't keep up with whether or not we're supposed to match our shoes to our bag, nails to our lips, or forgo those weird rules and just mis-match our bikinis (remember that debate?)... Either way, we're stoked that Benefit has decided to reincarnate their classic Box o' Powder blushes with the lipglosses to match!

That means you can now get Benefit's Dandelion, Dallas, Sugarbomb, Coralista, Hoola or Bella Bamba in a sheer swipe of moisturizing Ultra Plush Gloss that won't get stuck to your hair. And while Sugarbomb doesn't actually taste like cotton candy and Dallas doesn't taste like, um, baby back ribs, they all smell sweet enough to eat. And just like their predecessor, the tubes come in cute boxes too! Now we'll wait for the matching eyeshadow to complete the triple-threat. Until, then you can pick up the glosses for $16 now at Sephora