Watch A Member Of 1D Get A Real Life Tattoo On Late-Night TV

one of them has that one thing…

Last night’s late-night television vie for viral content involved 1D, tattoos, and lots of smug. James Corden devised a little game of tattoo roulette with the very tattooed group One Direction (except for Niall). The rules were simple: Each person picks a box, one of the five boxes has the word “tattoo” in it, the others have “safe.” If a member of 1D gets the tattoo box, they have to get “Late Late” inked on their body. If Corden gets the tattoo box, “1D” will be permanently etched into his skin. Somewhere, somehow parents of Directioners are fearing for the future of their child’s tattoo decision-making skills.

Well, it all played out in pseudo-intense fashion. Three-fifths of the troupe had a devil-may-care attitude toward the whole thing, while pure-skinned Niall and Corden took the nervous route. Thankfully, tattoos aren’t as taboo as they once were and, apparently, can increase one’s self-esteem. High five on that one, Corden.