The Dos And Don’ts Of Having An Adult Sleepover

    Our guide to spending the night

    by · March 30, 2016

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    If you maneuver it right, sleeping next to someone can rule. Whether you’ve known the person in question for a few weeks or a few hours, all it takes is some strategic limb lanyarding and a general spirit of generosity with the blankets. Other people’s homes can feel strange no matter how comfortable you are, though, and this is especially true if you happen to be boning the occupant. The basics of any living space are more or less the same, but everything’s, at least, a little different—light switch positioning; cats vs. dogs; attitudes about a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge versus “tap is fine.” Unless you are a Priss Master (which I can sometimes be), none of that matters much. There are tons of ways to feel at home anywhere, even if you wake up in someone else’s underwear and old XXL promotional T-shirt from a rave thrown by an energy drink company. One of the best parts of spending the night together: You can also make out again (or more) in the morning if you’re so inclined. (The aforementioned outfit never actually looks as bad on you as it sounds.)

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