Watch A Powerful Spoken Word Poem About The Morning-After Pill

“I’ll be a great mom the next time you come. Now just ain’t that time.”

by Hafeezah Nazim

"On the third day, I bled. It's now an abortion that I don't have to have."

This is how Shannon Matesky's poem, "The Morning After," unpacks the complex emotional, mental, and physical effects that come with taking the morning-after pill. Her words paint a vivid picture of a woman who is fearful of an unwanted pregnancy by a "boy that doesn't answer my calls."

"When it works right, you bleed a light purge of every loose decision," she continues. "'Cause this is what happens when you think you're too cute. And ain't nothing cute about getting pregnant when you got so much going for you."

In the end, she leaves a message for her unborn future child. "I bleed you a funeral every month. I'll be a great mom the next time you come. Now just ain't that time."

Watch Matesky's raw performance, above.