The ‘OITNB’ Ladies Totally Robbed Santa Claus

is that jesus?!

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas and Netflix is in your house. It's also in your Internet, Internet-ing away with a special holiday message from the ladies of Litchfield.

Christmas came a bit early with this here remix of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas." Unlike the rhyme most of us have come to know (and maybe love), there was a lot of stirring going on prison. You see, Santa Claus paid a visit to the Orange Is The New Black crew. (How he got past all that screening is a head scratcher. I guess Santa works in mysterious ways?) Or maybe he didn't intend to pay them a visit because he may or may not have gotten himself roughed-up by the Litchfield squad. They can neither confirm nor deny, but at least they've got new grass for the yard, Lysol for the loo, books for the library, and porn (for the guards?!). May your Christmas be filled with as much cheer! And if anything, use your time off wisely and stream Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Lord(e) knows you'll be in desperate need some me-time after all the eggnog and carbs.