The Season Four Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Is (Finally) Here!

So very ominous

The wait is almost over for the new season of Orange Is The New Black. To get us in the spirit, Netflix has just released the first real look at what’s coming up in season four. All things considered, it looks pretty darn ominous.

Sure, OITNB can be just as dark as it is funny, but recent seasons and plot lines have been tending toward the gritty side of life on the inside. That trend continues with this preview where it seems like last season’s group escape, union walkout, and various changes have led to Litchfield being taken over by one of those many for-profit private prison companies you keep hearing so much about in the news (timely!). The bunk beds that appeared in the finale are still there, but Alex—whose fate was left uncertain—is not. Red and Morello are crying, Nichols is nowhere to be seen, Sophia is still in the SHU, Stella isn't around, and everyone’s looking scared. Oh, and as usual, people are threatening the hell out of Piper. As was said before, it’s pretty darn ominous. 

That’s not to say it’s all gloom and doom here. Taystee has a new job, Black Cindy has some solid lines, and there’s more for people who enjoy the lighter moments of the series. You’ll be able to soak in both sides of OITNB when it comes back to Netflix for your bingeing pleasure June 17. Watch the preview below.