The Ladies Of Litchfield Finally Fight Back In ‘OITNB’ Trailer

“We want to be mother fuckin’ taken seriously!”

All hell is about to break loose in Litchfield, and if you tuned into the last season of Orange Is the New Black, you know why.

After the death of a much-adored inmate, the ladies of Litchfield are ready to seek justice—for both her and themselves. “We get beat for no reason, we’re stuffed four in a bunk like we’re factory chickens, we’re denied basic humanity,” Taystee says. In the striking trailer, the women unite beyond the riot we got a glimpse of in the final scene of season four. And, instead of fighting each other (which was a common theme in the last season), they’re banding together to fight the authority. Heck, even Piper gets involved, which is saying a lot.

Season five will take place “in real time and over the course of just three days,” leaving the inmates’ lives “forever changed as they are emboldened to fight for redemption, resolution, and the respect they deserve,” according to the video's summary.

Sounds eerily similar to life outside of Netflix series, also. May the resistance march forward, be it through a fictional or nonfictional crew of emboldened ladies.

Watch the trailer, above, and the whole season when it premieres June 9. Unless, you are one of the many who already knows what’s in store, thanks to the recent leak. In that case, shame on you, and don’t spoil it for the rest of us.