The First Look At The New Season Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Is Here

Who shoots whom?

Last we left Piper and crew, prison mate Daya had her gun pointed at one of the prison guards. The inmates surround her, encouraging—nay, demanding—she pull the trigger. Spoiler: One of their own was just killed by a prison guard, after all. An eye for an eye, as they say. The first clip for Orange Is the New Black season five picks up where we tensely left off.

While the entire prison is in the midst of a shouting match, we also get a glimpse of Piper being her usual Piper self. Once her and Alex notice the mob in the distance, they stop in their tracks. “Is this a real riot?” Piper asks. “If this is a real riot, do you think this is a step forward or backwards for equality?”

The scene cuts back to Daya. She says, faintly: “I need some quiet! Can everyone be quiet?” The shouting continues. “Goddammit,” she says. A gunshot erupts. End scene.

It’s the first look, did you really think they were going to just show you who shot whom (or what)? You’ll have to wait until June 9 for that.