orphan barrel rhetoric kentucky bourbon

The only way to enjoy a whiskey this old is neat…

by Josh Madden

A few months back we were introduced to Orphan Barrel, a company who has scoured the globe locating lost and forgotten barrels of whiskey and bringing them to a retail level. What we didn't know is while they were announcing their intial releases "Old Bowhard" and "Barterhouse," they were also working on "Rhetoric".moreRhetoric is similar to the Barterhouse as it is a 20 year-old Kentucky bourbon from the warehouses at Stitzel-Weller Distillery, but flavor-wise it's a totally different ball game. We're told that the barrels for this strain were aged at a lower level of the warehouse and that is what gives it its creamy oak taste, but the sweet notes keep the wood flavor in check.With a release date on the horizon be sure to keep up with Orphan Barrel HERE, and don't commit whiskey crime-- always enjoy neat.

-words by Yung Will