our first annual academy award drinking game!

by ali hoffman

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're definitely well aware that the Oscars air live on Sunday. In fact, you likely already made your predictions, know where you'll be watching, and maybe even have a game plan for which pre-show you plan on watching (We're going to do E! live, and TiVo ABC's red carpet coverage--Kelly Roland's hosting...duh!). But aside from filling out ballots, we though we'd share with you our favorite Oscar activity: Ladies and gentleman (who are over 21), we give you Our Annual Academy Award Drinking Game.

Side note: Since we don't want to have you feeling tipsy 20 minutes in, we tried to make our terms a bit more obscure. So fill up your red party cup and take a sip every time:

- They turn the music on midway during an acceptance speech.

- A sore-loser face is caught on camera.

- There's a really weird presenter pairing.

- Meryl Streep is referenced as the greatest actress ever.

- There's an outfit malfunction.

- Someone concludes their acceptance speech by telling their kid "who's watching at home to 'go to bed!'"

- Billy Crystal makes a cameo... and take a second sip if he tap dances.

- Adele says something really English. Cheers!