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what to do in your city this weekend, whether you’re into the oscars or not.

Whether you're completely obsessed with the Oscars and have been planning your party since the end of last year's show, or you're not even going to watch, there's some awesome stuff happening in your city this weekend that you just can't miss. We've got all of it covered in the form of the

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The only thing better than hitting up your fave bar is hitting it up while they'ree throwing their first birthday party. Stop by Craft Pride tonight, where they're celebrating an entire year of serving up Texas brews. What's on tap for the party? Think everything from Austin Beerworks' Sputnik to Saint Arnold Brewing Company's Pumpkinator. Plus, the party playlist comes with jams only by '80s hair bands, which is both hilarious and amazing. P.S. Get there early to snag a limited-edition T-shirt!

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The best way to prep for

The Grand Budapest Hotel's

release next week and to get pumped for the Oscars? A Wes Anderson movie marathon (duh!). And since Brattle Theatre totally knows what's up in this world, they will be screening (almost) all of the rad director's classic flicks, starting tonight with

The Royal Tenenbaums


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

. Not sure about you, but yes, we will be dressing like Margot Tenenbaum for each day of this epic mini fest.

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If there's one thing you've got to have at your Academy Awards party this Sunday (besides a red carpet) it's Oscars-themed cupcakes (obvi). And thanks to Magnolia Bakery, who are serving up two kinds of cupcakes inspired by the awards, you can stalk your fave celebs on the red carpet instead of spending the day making dessert for your BFFs. So, what makes the bakery's cupcakes Oscars-themed anyway? Edible movie titles and gold dust (sweet).

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Las Vegas

Whether you're throwing an Oscars party on Sunday and having all your besties dress like award-winners, or you just want to feel like a celeb for a day, Original Diva salon has you covered. The new beauty spot at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood knows how to hook you up with all your fave makeup and hairstyles--and not just for one day of the year.

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Los Angeles

The only thing better than spending an entire day shopping at Barney's is when Barney's has totally new stuff to shop--and we're not talking about clothes. Seriously, insanely delish NYC sweet spot Dominique Ansel Bakery is coming to The Grove department store this weekend and bringing along with them their famous Cronut--AKA what happens with donuts and croissants decide they want to collab on a heavenly snack. That's right, you'll get to scoop up the latest fashion trends while devouring the awesome pastry--that is, if you get there early enough (you might want to set your alarm now).

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Just in case you're one of those people who


watches the red carpet part of the Academy Awards (no judgement), there's an awesome party happening tonight that will get you totally prepped for the fashion frenzy. Stop by the Dream South Beach Hotel for their new monthly shopping party that comes with everything ever. We're talking about pop-up shops, live art, personal styling by The Haute Frugalista, champagne, and a beauty bar. And seeing as this party is co-hosted by delish restaurant Naked Taco, you know you it's going to be one fiesta bueno.

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Love The Belcourt so much that you wish it would be around forever?! Same, that's why you should definitely hit up their Oscars viewing party this Sunday, where the cost of your ticket supports your fave independent movie spot. Besides doing your good deed for the day you'll also get to enjoy the evening's cocktail buffet and score a gift bag (just like you're one of Hollywood's biggest stars). And even though you might not get to take home a little golden man, this party is still a total win-win.

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New York City

If you're anything like us, then your Oscars countdown starts as early as your own birthday's. But just in case you don't feel like cleaning up a huge party this Sunday and then having to go to work the next day, have your party at Videology. The awesome movie theater is hosting an Oscars screening, complete with a red carpet and awards-themed cocktails. The best part? You can pretend you're part of the Academy while casting your own vote for best-everything.

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Orange County

One of the best parts about signing up for the NYLON Daily newsletter is getting the chance to score tickets to see your fave bands! This time, we've got a pair of tickets up for grabs to check out Canadian indie rockers Walk Off The Earth. The band is coming to town this Tuesday night to play a set at the House of Blues, and if you're one of those people who waits until the last minute for everything, it might be OK, because you might just win them.

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San Francisco

What more do you need for an Oscars viewing party than hot’n’buttery popcorn and a red carpet? Two giant projection screens. Get it all at Novela this Sunday, including an Academy Awards-themed cocktail menu. And just in case you have your own opinion about whether J.Law or Lupita Nyong'o should win best supporting actress (tough call) the bar is providing all the party people with their very own ballot.

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