test drive: the ostrich pillow

excuse us while we nap.

by steff yotka

Maybe you partied a little too hard on National Vodka day. Or maybe you're rebounding from late night movie marathons all weekend. Whatever the reason, you probably deserve a little desk side nap on this grey Monday. Meet your new best friend, the Ostrich Pillow by Kawamura-Ganjavian from Studio Banana Things. 

Part plushy pillow, part Squidward costume, the soft headgear is meant to help you optimize on nap time during the day. It's based on the fact that everyone could use a little more sleep, either at their desk or in transit, but no comfortable pillow options exist. 

Naturally I couldn't let an item like the Ostritch Pillow go untested, so I called one it and sampled it for the week. (Sleeping at my desk was for work! I swear!) Here are my findings:

PROS: It's seriously comfortable. It's great for sleeping face down on a surface or sitting straight up, like if you're on a plane or train. The curved shape provides support for your head and neck so you don't wake up sore, and the fabric is unbelievably soft. Once you have it on, you'll never want to take it off. It also blocks out a lot of light, so you can fall asleep in even the sunniest conditions. I'm thinking of just throwing out my pillows and using this every night.

CONS: During the week I really only found two flaws in the design: One, you look a little silly and two, you can't see. The embarrassment of wearing a pillow on your head is greatly outweighed by the comfort, but the not being able to see is kind of annoying. I know it's for sleeping, but what about those moments right before or after sleep? I often found myself with my Ostrich Pillow on trying to have a conversation or check a last minute text message--not possible. Of course the reason there's no eye-hole is because the pillow doubles as a sleeping mask. It's sort of a catch-22 situation. 

Get yours here and test drive the Ostrich Pillow for yourself!

photos by Alfonso Herranz