editor’s pick: future perfect

for everyone who’s obsessed with finding what’s next…

by liza darwin

It doesn't matter if middle school sleepovers are over, or even if you're more likely to be reading Susan Miller these days to see what's coming up this month rather than consulting your Ouija Board. Very few things in life are cooler than the thrill that comes from "predicting" your future--whether or not it actually comes true. So for everyone who's still obsessed and wants to get in on the Ouija action online (sans sleepover), we suggest going here and asking the virtual Ouija a question. Or 10 (no judgement!). 

But once you do that, it's time to get the coolest clutch around. This shiny carryall comes courtesy of United Couture, features Ouija-inspired lettering, and is covered in a fluorescent holographic finish. The holographic trend might've been the key to cool holiday dressing, but the look works just as well to combat the mid-January it's so cute, you don't need a fortune teller to prove it.