OURCASTE Spring ’14

Clear out some time in your schedule to hang with these dudes…

by Josh Madden

OURCASTE Spring '14

One of my favorite newer brands from California called Ourcaste hit me up this morning with a bunch of new news--and I've gotta tell ya, I really think these dudes are on to something.

A large pillar of their brand is the functionality in all things. While they aren’t really a tech brand, they definitely offer those tech elements in their collections. Styles like the 

Saul Jacket

are waterproof, breathable, and fully seam-taped, and also use waterproof thermal welded zippers. They make perfect clothes to bike in the rain, or check the surf on a cloudy morning. They have wovens with a similar functionality built into them, like the 


, made of a super durable ripstop fabric with the same thermal welding details. My personal favorite is the 

Rocko Trainer

short, which wears just as well running circuits as it does in the ocean.

These guys have fully realized the need for a wearable, workable product, while keeping their vision when it comes to aesthetic sensibilities. Lastly, we love them for their graphics program. I'm a big fan of the fact that the patterns they make are less brand-oriented and more art focused, which also shows through in the surfboards they make. and you can even purchase their prints from them!

We here at NYLON guys couldn't be bigger fans of our West Coast pals at Ourcaste--seriously, we could sit on the 

Brand Visuals page

for a solid hour. Check out their full spring '14 offering 


and follow the guys on Twitter 


. Just be warned, if you're anything like us you're gonna end up hanging out on their site a ton--it's rad!