Norwegian Singer AURORA Tells Us What Beauty Really Is

And serenades us, of course

Norwegian musician AURORA feels less like a person, and more like a fairy. When we asked her what inspires her, she told us that she loves being outside in nature. “She is life and death, and she creates and destroys, and she is so beautiful,” she says of the outdoors, personified as a feminine entity in her mind.

When it comes to beauty, she is fascinated more by the messy than by perfection. She is allured by small movements or the way someone positions themselves. To her, there is beauty hidden in everything, and finding that attraction is her favorite thing because “it feels like a secret.”

Here, she serenades us in the most outdoorsy indoor space we could find, and tells us more about the way she sees the world.


Produced by Maura Gaughan

Shot by Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Edited by Madeline Stedman

Production assisted by Grace Kenney