pacemaker dj app

An endless song selection…

by Christian Lavery

It’s common sense, really: a DJ is only as good as the tracks they play. So if you’re regularly hopping on the decks and barraging the crowd with the same 20 or so songs, well, maybe you should rethink your career path. But just in case you’re dead set on handling the wheels of steel, we think this new app may be your best bet.

Pacemaker is the first DJ app that connects to Spotify -- don’t worry, your entire iTunes library still works, too -- making your song selection virtually unlimited. And with a simple yet effective design that automatically keeps everything in sync you’ll be able to scratch, crossfade, loop, and utilize its numerous features with ease.

Download it HERE for free, with an option to upgrade, and maybe you’ll end up being the reason people enjoyed the party.