The Paints of Being Pure at Heart Simple Sure Video

it’s the sweetest thing.

by liza darwin

It might be too early in the day to OD on candy, but it's never too soon to reach your quota of lush, sugary, highly addictive indie pop. Especially when it comes straight from the pros of the genre themselves, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

The New York band have mastered their signature, straight-from-your-own-diary vibe on 2011's fantastic Belong-- and now the quartet's kicking the '90s vibes up a notch (but shedding a layer of shoegaze) with their third album, Days of Abandon. You can get a taste of what's coming this May with their new video for the track "Simple and Sure," an upbeat slice of glimmering sing-along melodies.

We've had the song on repeat ever since they dropped it last month, and now we're super stoked to premiere the video. Inspired by gifs, the black and white clip is a whole different take on our communal need for constant entertainment.

According to guitarist and singer Kip Berman, "I'm taken aback at how many online outlets now reduce their content to a series of GIFs, assuming a minute long video or a single paragraph of text to be too burdensome,"he explains of the meaning behind the video's dinner-party theme. "We're as much prisoners of our need for constant distraction and instant sensation as the trapped guests at the dinner party." 

Go ahead and watch the video--yep, the whole way through--exclusively here, and make your Tuesday a whole lot sweeter.