editor’s pick: pale fire

the ’60s it girl lipstick staple.

by rebecca willa davis

There were a lot of cool things to come out of the '60s, but in this month of celebrating It Girls, nothing strikes me more than the fact that so many awesome, iconic women emerged from the decade. Music? It had Nico. Film? There was Goldie Hawn. Politics? Hello, Jackie Kennedy.

And while their work was varied, one thing definitely brings them together: their love of pale pink lipstick. Yes, lipstick.

The beauty product that probably best signifies the '60s (other than, perhaps, a thick black eyeliner pencil) might now strike us as particularly throwback-y--or, sorry grandma, a bit too old lady--but back then it was the great uniter. And it makes sense: Whether paired with head-to-toe black or a psychedelic floral print mini, the almost-nude shade works with just about anything. Yes, even off-duty First Lady attire (we like how adventurous Jackie O got with it, adding a pearlescent sheen on top of hers).

And really, there's no reason why it should still today. The easy part is finding a good color--we've found just that in The Lip Bar's Cafe Au Lait lipstick. Now all you need to do is find your '60s It Girl icon to get inspired by. There are plenty to choose from--we've pulled together our favorites in the gallery below.

The Lip Bar lipstick in Cafe Au Lait - $20

Brigitte Bardot


Goldie Hawn

Nico and the Velvet Underground

Jackie Kennedy