Watch The Trailer For ‘Pan’

who knew neverland needed so much saving?

by lindsey lanquist

Live-action versions of classic films tend to feel a bit redundant. Sure, there's nothing quite like seeing Cinderella's magical pumpkin carriage brought to computer-generated life, but the story isn't anything new, and the viewer is forced to watch a different version of the same film they saw countless times growing up.

That being said: Pan, Warner Bro's latest take on the Peter Pan tale, doesn't fall into that trap—at least not from the looks of its trailer. The film presents an original telling of the classic story—reimagining the characters and giving them the complex backstories 90-minute animated films can't afford to delve into.

From the trailer, we can assume Pan will show us Peter's transformation from a rebellious young boy into the leader he'll one day become. Plus, minor, more one-dimensional characters in the animated film like Captain Hook and Tiger Lily will get some major screen-time in the live-action version, meaning some extra depth and character development is on the way. Of course, there's the tricky issue of the fact that Rooney Mara was cast to play Tiger Lily, a Native American character—we're interested to see how the creators of the film will justify that questionable decision. 

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse at how Pan will transform the Neverland we grew up with into one full of complexity, drama, and action. We're pumped.