Watch Paramore’s Aint It Fun Video

watch hayley, jeremy, and taylor break some serious world records.

by steff yotka

We always knew there was nothing Paramore couldn't do, but their latest video for "Ain't It Fun" really proves it.

On December 2nd, Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor set out to break the most world records in a music video ever, and the results are in! From smashing 30 clocks with guitars (and smashing the guitars too!) to running backwards while blindfolded carrying stuffed animals, the records Paramore set to break are crazy, funny, weird, and make for a truly excellent viewing experience that you can watch below. 

Want to see all the record breaking fun? Click here to watch each record be broken, and even challenge the trio to a new world record. Throughout February fans will be encouraged to try to break the records, so grab your besties and start practicing your feather catching and clock smashing now!