party guests

when vampire weekend rock out, they do it with the help of sky ferreira, santigold, and more.

by rebecca willa davis

The craziest thing in Vampire Weekend's new music video for "Diane Young" isn't the fact that there's a guy smoking weed out of a saxophone or dude wearing a robber's mask to dinner, but rather the A-list crew of musicians the Ivy Leaguers recruited to join them at their sit-down party.

We spotted Sky Ferreira chewing bubblegum, Santigold lighting candles, Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth flicking at a lighter, and the Chromeo duo having too much fun with a bottle of champagne. Anyone else we're missing? Watch the video below and do your own indie star spotting in the comments--or catch Vampire Weekend this summer when they're on tour and ask them yourself.