Pat McGrath Revealed What She’s Bringing Us For The Holidays

Merry merry!

Rihanna already got us pumped, from a beauty perspective, about the holidays with her out-of-this-world collection. Prepare for that excitement to boil over because makeup icon Pat McGrath is releasing a new line that will have you queuing up your Christmas playlists as early as this weekend.

The limited-edition set goes by the name of LiquiLust 007 and is made up of liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, and glitter, because a beauty line pegged to the holidays isn’t complete without a little glitz. "The spirit of the holiday season, for me, is mesmerizing magic, sublime sparkle, and the chance to pout, provoke, and pose at the year's best parties," McGrath said in a release. “I felt that beauty junkies were craving something with all the codes that they—and I—have come to adore from Labs: holographic bags, scintillating sequins, and, most importantly, fearless formulations that fuel obsession, inspiration, and addiction to beauty.”

Liquid lipsticks, at this point, are a little overdone if we’re being honest. But McGrath promises that her creations (eight in total, all with a matte finish) aren’t as drying as others on the market. She told Fashionista that they’re more of a “thin polymer,” which encourages buyers to create their own lip art. You can do so by layering the varying shades with the two iridescent violet and gold glitters or with the two gold and bronze holographic glosses. Get creative—it’s what the Lab kits are all about.

The collection comes on the heels of McGrath’s epic 60-piece permanent collection released in August. So, if you can’t manage to get your hands on at least one product from LiquiLust 007, there’s always that to fall back on. But, we definitely encourage you to try. There’s a reason everything sells out as fast as it does—because it’s coming from the brain of McGrath, of course, but it’s also damn good.

Everything will be available in November exclusively on The products will be sold in six different kits, each made up of two, five, or nine products. The prices range from $38 to $150. Check out what’s in store, ahead.