lady gaga wants to do your nails.

by faran krentcil

Lady Gaga already has a nail polish named for her hit song ("Poker Face" by NARS) and another created for her spooky-ethereal look. ("Waking Up in Vegas," which she wore on her makeup-less cover of Vanity Fair.) Now she's got a set of press-ons by KISS Nails that you can only get at Barneys during their Gaga's Workshop holiday blitz. There are four sets, ranging from disco-tribal print to golden-bedazzled (which is exactly what it sounds like). And since the nails are pre-painted and pre-bejeweled, you can make these little monsters part of your look in a matter of minutes. (If you'd rather keep your nails free of Germanotta References, there's also "Born This Way" lip gloss - again from NARS - and a "Monster" red shimmery lipstick from Poppy King that you can tell everyone was based on Nicole Kidman's Moulin Rouge dress if you're embarrassed that you know all the words to "You and I.")

Lady Gaga Kiss Press-On Nails, $45. Get them, and all the other Barneys + Gaga cosmetics, by clicking here. Love Gaga but want something else? Find some vintage inspiration at Record Store Day!