Photos courtesy of Mercedes Castillo


These Magical Holographic Sandals Are What Dreams Are Made Of

They’re also perfect for blinding catcallers!

TGIF! Friday is here, along with our paychecks, so you know what that means: It’s time to go shopping. Every week, we write a love letter to the one must-have item that we would happily blow our full paychecks on, because life is meant for treating yourself. Cheers!

I made a promise to myself sometime during the dreariness of January or February, after throwing on my fifth layer of black, that I was going to completely reinvent myself (well, okay, my wardrobe) as soon as warmer weather came around.

My winter style—and, to be honest, my year-round aesthetic—consisted of mostly black with hints of cream and beige, and some other boring neutrals. Occasionally, I’ll go rogue and throw on a muted pastel or a print. What I’m saying is, I’m really trying to (and desperately need to) branch out in terms of color—while still keeping things clean, cool, and minimal.

So, in my journey to spring clean my closet and figure out what colors to invest in that I don’t totally hate (baby steps, but I’ve made some progress), I came across these magical kissed-by-fairy-dust Mercedes Castillo sandals of my dreams: the iridescent Tealia Mid.

First of all, I know what you’re thinking: Does holographic leather actually count as a color? Maybe not technically, but in my book, absolutely. I mean, these sandals reflect every color of the rainbow. This also means that they essentially match any other color I’m wearing, neutral or neon, which is an added bonus.

While I'm not one to buy something simply because it’s trending, can we talk about what a moment holographic material is having? And I’m not talking about the annoying unicorn/mermaid festival garbage, I’m talking high fashion, sweetie. For example, this Maison Margiela two-skirt suit and this Balmain pantsuit. Sure, these may be Fall 2018 collections, but I’m an editor—I have to be one step ahead.

Of course, the general shininess adds some extra wow factor. Think of all the catcalling scumbags I can blind with my ultra-reflective feet!

Many would be quick to label these as “statement” shoes reserved for “special” occasions, but I want to wear these bad boys every day. So yes, I will gladly throw my paycheck at a $495 pair. And if you feel like treating yourself to something nice, I say do the same.