PB&J Snacks by Welch’s

Because we’ll never outgrow our favorite sandwich…

by Josh Madden

PB&J Snacks by Welch's

As you grow up, they say your taste palette changes every 7 years for us at NYLON HQ, our taste for PBJ has never changed. Peanut butter and Jelly 'til we die? Absolutely!

The team over at 


reached out and invited us to be some of the first to try their brand new PB&J snacks. Old school gummies are history, and these new bite-sized snacks are the next wave. The center is chewy, made with real fruit, and wrapped in peanut butter. Welch's has managed to take America's most iconic flavors and make them fruit snack size and when we passed them out around the office they were gone immediately (not kidding.)

The flavors available are grape or strawberry and the shell options are creamy and crunchy. The best news, though: they're gluten free.

Thanks to our buds over at 


for hooking us up, we're stoked for them to hit the shelves. If you're looking for some follow them on Twitter 


with the #WelchsPBJ hashtag…who knows, maybe they'll hook you up.

-words by Yung Will