peanut butter & co.

It’s peanut butter jelly time…

by Christian Lavery

With the endless--and diverse--dining possibilities available throughout the Big Apple, it can often get a little overwhelming trying to pick a place to grab some grub. Sometimes, it’s best just to keep things simple; and what says simple better than a classic PB and J sandwich? The Greenwich Village spot, known as Peanut Butter & Co, does things with peanut butter that we didn’t even know was possible. Aside from offering up the standard brown bag staple, their menu consists of everything from a Peanut Butter BLT, to peanut-butter heavy desserts and milkshakes, to other home-style favorites like a tuna melt. For my meal though, I decided to go with a sandwich that sounded too good to pass up: the Cookie Dough Surprise. Not only was the name on point, since the peanut butter, vanilla cream cheese, and chocolate chips actually combined to taste like cookie dough, but the sandwich also made me wish I had ventured into this spot long, long ago. The best part about the experience though? The fact that they’ll not only cut the crust off if you so desire, but each sandwich comes with it's own peanut butter potato chips and a few carrot sticks. Mom was that you back there in the kitchen the entire time? Check them out on the web at

-Christian Lavery