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The 11 Prettiest Peridots To Ring In August Birthdays

Celebrate your Leo and Virgo BFFs with these yellow-green stunners

It’s pretty hard to believe, but it’s officially August—meaning that summer is nearing an end. While this may be a cause for some slight panic (we only have five Summer Fridays left, you guys, five), it does serve as a kickoff for a month full of celebrating our favorite Leos and early Virgos—and with that, a new birthstone to rule their birthdays.

Starting today, we leave the radiant rubies of July behind until next summer and welcome the return of the stunning peridot back to the spotlight.

Dubbed “the extreme gem” by the Gemological Institute of America, the peridot is born in the molten rock of earth’s upper mantle and then brought to surface by way of earthquakes and volcanoes (pretty cool), though it's known to have some extraterrestrial origins, as well (even cooler).

This yellow-green stone is perceived to have many benefits, and it's known for its healing and “friendly” energy and protective properties. It’s often used to help release emotional issues, because some believe that you can relax negative tension and fear when placing a peridot over the solar plexus; also, placing the gemstone over the heart chakra can relieve lingering heaviness, self-doubt, and jealousy from past heartbreak. When it's set in gold? Expect a solid night of sleep.

We rounded up 11 stunning pieces of peridot jewelry that will make a perfect birthday gift (or protective talisman) for your August-born BFFs. Click through the gallery below to check out our picks.

Photo courtesy of Wolf & Badger

Maro, Gold Les Petites Petillantes Crown Peridot Ring, $152, available at Wolf & Badger.

Photo courtesy of Luisa Via Roma

Bea Bongiasca, Gloriosa Lily Glory Earrings, $377, available at Luisa Via Roma.

Photo courtesy of Paige Novick

Paige Novick, Chain Ankle With Small Marquise Gemstone Charm, $745, available at Paige Novick.

Photo courtesy of Stone & Strand

Stone & Strand, Totem Birthstone Earrings, $70, available at Stone & Strand.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning, Peridot Horseshoe Chain Earrings, $160, available at Melissa Joy Manning.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Kendra Scott, Elaina Birthstone Bracelet, $50, available at Nordstrom.

Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Gisele For Eshvi, August Earrings, $1078, available at Farfetch.

Photo courtesy of TicTail

Lilooks, Peridot Petite Triangle Ring, $49, available at TicTail.

Photo courtesy of Broken English

Anette Ferdinansen, Peridot Ring, $750, available at Broken English.

Photo courtesy of Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner, Edwardian Peridot And Pearl Lavaliere, $1200, available at Erica Weiner.

Photo courtesy of Wolf & Badger

GFG Jewellery, Lara Peridot Triplet Ring, $193, available at Wolf & Badger.